What people have said about meditation mentoring

Mentorship with Vajradaka

I’ve worked with Vajradaka for almost a year now. We usually meet every week, sometimes the sessions are face to face but more usually we have Skype sessions as I live in Brighton.

I look forward to Vajradaka’s clarity, compassion and insight. He has a wonderful ability to transform obscure and esoteric ideas and present them in a clear and accessible manner.

If Vajradaka were water he’d be a pure crystal clear stream that flows down from the mountain tops.

Vajradaka has a generous heart, a keen mind and a compassionate soul. I love the sessions I have with him. In the year I’ve worked with Vajradaka my practice has become enriched beyond measure.

Vajradaka is not only my mentor he’s my friend. My sessions with him are like clear blue sky mindful thinking on a cloudy day.

Mindfulness sessions with Vajradaka are transformational. Richard, July 2015

“Vajradaka’s open, engaging, and kind manner makes working together on my meditation practice a very enjoyable experience.

Vajradaka is full of considered, practical suggestions.  His warmth and intuitiveness have really helped me not just on the cushion, but off it also.  I feel my understanding of what I’m doing and why has really expanded since we’ve been working together. Vajradaka has taught me how to question my habitual patterns and responses in meditation, how to look for alternatives, and how to trust my own instincts.  I often get off Skype after our sessions feeling so enthusiastic and bubbly! I feel very grateful to have access to him from the other side of the world.”

Faith, Sydney Australia


I recommend Vajradaka as a thoughtful teacher of meditation – I have studied with him for three years and this has been an important part in the process of learning these skills of kindness, insight and stillness.

Norman Blair, Yoga teacher

One of the traits I appreciate most about Vajradaka as my meditation coach is his patient and pragmatic approach. Meditation is not something that can be forced, contrived, or rushed. It can take years to become adept in just one area. We work on different themes, and then may even come back to an area we worked on months ago. While there is a definite structure and framework to the way Vajradaka works, it also feels very organic and pliable at the same time. My meditation experience since working with him has felt very augmentative and progressive. My practice has deepened due to his coaching services. I feel there is still so much to learn and experience – it will take a lifetime. I am grateful to have found a brilliant coach in Vajradaka and am glad he is available to guide me step by step on this wonderful journey. Vicki

I was touched by Vajradaka’s sensitivity and responsiveness, as well as his ability to get to the ‘heart’ of the topic we were exploring. My sense was of a person of great integrity and self-awareness”. Rob. London

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