Ian / Vajradaka

My name is Ian Currie and I am also known by my  Buddhist name of Vajradaka.

For the last 38 years I have been working in various charities, companies and education centres as a mentor, teacher, coach, advisor and communication and awareness trainer.

I started in the early seventies with Save the Children Fund as a Playgroup leader. I was the first male pre-school play-leader to work for the SCF and was given the specific task of helping London playgroups make the transition to process based learning for under-fives. This was a successful programme that helped play-group leaders make the transition from teaching pre- school children by rote to experience-based-learning. This was the beginning of my interest in how people learn and the connection to creativity, which continues to this day.

In 1974 I became the chairman  and main meditation teacher of the Glasgow Buddhist Centre which among other things successfully helped former street gang members become integrated into society. From 1977 to 1981 I was the head of an International programme for mentoring trainee Buddhists. This included directly training mentors and setting up an international support structure for mentors and students.

From 1981 -85 I lived in the USA and was chairman of the Boston Buddhist centre as well as teaching meditation and Buddhism. At the same time I started a business called Circle Health. I led a massage apprenticeship scheme to professional level and had a successful massage practice, especially with Olympic runners and professional basket ball players.

From1985 for 21 years I was based at a meditation training charity in Wales FWBO (Corwen). During this period I helped develop many educational and training programmes for meditation teachers all over the world. This included theories of learning and communication. During this time I mentored, taught and coached many people in awareness communication and creativity. At present I am specialising in helping people with developing mindfulness in the work place and the arts.


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