Creative workshops for commission

Awareness and creativity in the workplace.

These four topics are essential to  confidant communication and creativity.

Coming into a confident sense of presence
A sense of presence is an important foundation for  presentation skills and developing rapport. Coming into a sense of aware presence is a very effective way of helping us communicate with authenticity and confidence.

We always have a stance on any given project or aspect of a project. Our stance graphically expresses our ambivalences and positive engagement. We use physical and imaginative exercises to come into a direct sense of our stance on particular aspects of our projects. This helps us overcome any ambivalence and be wholehearted in what we are doing. It helps us understand how to lean into our projects with the right level of effort and energy and be completely for what we are doing.

Clearing a space
When we have a blizzard of ideas and feelings it can be hard to be clear and decisive in what do do next. With this topic we make mental and emotional space for ourselves.  Ambivalences are resolved and irrelevant responses let go of. This is a very direct and effective way of creating  a positive foundation for promoting  clarity  and a strong motivation in our projects.

Continuity of purpose; Combining vision and practicality.
Being clear about the direction we  are going in and being able to actually stay on that path is an important skill in presentation and communication. In this topic we explore  how to keep a sense of continuity and relationship between our general sense of direction and the specific and practical tasks needed bring about our goals

Each of these topics are explored in terms of experiential learning with a short introduction to the  topic and a exercise to experience the topic for oneself and then an opportunity to talk about  the topic as a way of connecting understanding and experience for oneself.

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