What people have said about creativity events

Some comments on the Ian Currie’s  recent creativity workshops.

A very inspiring thought provoking and engaging workshop taught by someone who brings humility, deep knowledge and compassion to the group. Many of the exercises introduced were new to me, but gave plenty of valuable ideas to regularly put into practice. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who wants to get in touch with their inner creative talents.  Clive Johnson

Really felt encouraged by the idea of my own  efforts developing my creativity. I like the idea of me being my own creative project- that felt very motivating and inspiring. Jane Dale

This course made me think about the creative process rather than the finished product. ( which is what I suppose I am more used to analysing.) It has changed my way of thinking about it and thinking about starting my own projects! Thanks! Kirstie.

I found it very inspiring- The idea used linked in with previous workshops/courses I have done- I made an important link with realising I have moved on and much less ‘stuck’ than I was. Also it’s good for me to realise that I can  build up ways of supporting my intuition. I have often just expected my creativity to arrive and stay with no effort on my part. To help it along and realise that the meditations/ exercises   really do help. And realising how important this is to my life and well-being. Cathy.

This workshop has been very helpful and inspirational. It has encouraged me to start thinking creatively in a more open and unrestricted way. Sonja

Thank you very much for your session on Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoyed it, found it very helpful with regards looking at what negative habits get in the way of the creative process, which when discovered enable a stepping stone towards slowly working with them to enable better progress towards the said creative project. It was again a session when reflection on how we go about our creative thinking process can be supported. I also like the references to Leonardo Da Vinci, they were useful.

Lucinda Sieger

I felt refreshed after attending Ian’s workshop. His approach was very inclusive, which meant that everyone in the group was able to bring themselves in and be met with a warm, friendly and supportive response. The basic material that Ian used to guide the workshop was both interesting, useful and simple to apply, which I personally found to be a great boon. Some of the short enquiries into my own creativity were revealing and unexpected; my sense was that everyone in the group appreciated this way of exploration. Ian’s vision of the nature of creativity was invaluable in the workshop, as it helped me to see more clearly how broad creativity can be, as-well as showing how I can work effectively to go beyond that which habitually limits me.

Vidya Daka

I have found Ian Currie’s ‘Making Creativity Work’ workshop very engaging and interesting. By doing pair work and group processing, Ian facilitated the workshop in an approachable way that was relevant, practical and helpful to me. I would be interested to partake in any follow up workshops to build up on the skill of being creative.

Kei Iino

I found the workshop you gave last week helpful. I was surprised and pleased to be experiencing something more spiritual than the usual business advice.  I enjoyed the way that the workshop was so holistic, choosing not to divide work life from social from family etc. I was struggling with solutions to this cycle and the workshop helped by giving me tools to do this as well as a forum to speak about it. I only hope I can remember to use them when the time comes. Thanks for such a thoughtful workshop.
Jo Davies

Ian/ Vajradaka’s Creative Engagement workshop is suitable for anybody who enjoys thinking creatively. Whether you are embarking upon a creative project or you prefer to be creative in your spare time, this is a relaxed and supportive environment to share your ideas with other like minded people.

Lilly McCallin, Jewellery designer and maker

Vajradaka’s workshop on creativity was very insightful and healing for me. The reason I wanted to do it was mainly to change the relationship with the creative part within me. Ever since I was a teenager I have been holding the belief that I’m not a creative person and I have always sensed that this belief was holding me back from being more fully in the world with my work and ideas.

Vajradaka held the space for us in a very gentle and present way, showing us that creativity is in each of us. During the three hours of the workshop he guided us through the different aspects of creativity drawing out the qualities of our own creativity in order to recognise it as well as the skills we needed to bring it more fully into our life and work.

I really enjoyed working with Vajradaka as he brings a lot of wisdom and experience into his work. Although it was a group process it felt that all our individual needs for development and growth were met. I’m already looking forward to the next workshop.

Karen Liebenguth

A creative workshop by Vajradaka,

Well, I went in with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a space dedicated to the growth of ones own imagination, reflection and simple steps to look inside and appreciate what creative gifts/tools we already possess and ways to deepen them. The workshop was lead by the very charismatic and tranquil leadership of Vajradaka at a very slow and pensive pace enabling me to really relax and participate in a concentrated and  peaceful setting. The leadership was thoroughly enjoyable, fun and very accessible. I came away feeling very positive and focused with regards gentle steps forward I would like to take towards projects at hand.

Very helpful indeed.

Lucinda ,  singer/songwriter & cartoonist

I attended Ian’s ‘Making Creativity Workshop’ with no preconceptions about what I would experience or achieve. I went with the intention of focussing my interest in photography and business strategy. I found the evening was an opportunity to reflect upon my creative aspirations. The other participants were comfortable, sincere and open in the workshop sharing their aspirations and failings.

One can have an impression of oneself; but you never truly see yourself until you’ve interacted with other people. I left the workshop energised after exploring the obvious as well as nuances regarding creativity. Ian was a positive, engaging and stimulating host.

Femi Santos

Great workshop in terms of delivery, subject and relevance as I believe the workplace often hides this kind of thing ( awareness and creativity) under the carpet. I generally find that I enjoy my experiences more when I feel them and I did during the workshop. The leader was calm and informative and the style of workshop was good due to it’s introspective nature. All in all, I loved the workshop, and being an emotionally aware person I seek to translate this side of me to the workplace. Very impressed and look forward to next session. Ash , Host Universal

Ian, the leader was extremely clear and “structured”in a natural almost organic manner. I like the personal examples he gave and his own experience made it easier to understand. Content was an eye opener. Good perspective and am leaving with new knowledge to reflect on tonight. Thank You! Teresa, Host Universal

Interesting and challenging from my traditional view of life. The style and technique of workshop was lovely, warm and safe. Dawn, Host Universal

Full of practical implications. Lots of room for discussion to clarify and apply general principles to specific situations”. Martina Habeck

The session proved to be stimulating and thought provoking- A prompt to view situations, even our life in a broader context. The workshop prioritised an introduction to new ideas while at the same time re-enforcing ideas already believed or put into practice. It encourages exploration and also reinforcement of ways of thinking and interpreting situations and ways of interacting and responding to others. Discussion and feedback was also instrumental in encouraging fresh ways of thinking and functioning”. Sandra Woltan