Meditation videos

Videos on meditation by Vajradaka

Each of these videos stands on it own but viewed sequentially form a whole approach to entering into meditation.

They do sometimes take a minute to load up so please be patient.


1) Meditation posture

2) Being present

3) Experiential awareness of the breath

4) The skill of counting in the mindfulness of breathing

5) Continuity of purpose

6) Continuity in meditation (2)

7) The dynamics of meditation New

8) Values in meditation

9) The working ground of meditation

10) Working Ground of Meditation, personal projects

11) The working ground of meditation, Recognising what takes you away from awareness

12) The creative learning process in meditation

 13) Confidence in the process of meditation

14) Making Space

15) Activity and receptivity

16) The positive use of thought in meditation

17) Using questions in meditation

18) Presence and momentum

19) Mindfulness, intentionality and the process of personal development.

20)  Introduction to the qualities of meditation


 21) The quality of being for the welfare of beings

22) The principles of reflection in meditation

23) Applying reflection to metta meditation

 24) Exploring qualities of meditation

25) The Imaginal Faculty in meditation

26) Metaphor and the experience of meditation


27) Using metaphoric questions in meditation


28) The active use of images in meditation

29) Stimulating absorption through the imagination

30) The creative use of imagination and mudra  New