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Mindfulness  and Wellness training in corporations: A brief synopsis

This approach  helps staff become clear about how to increase their wellbeing  through the adoption of mindfulness based training.

Creative Engagement training specifically builds up the skills and abilities of these main areas and brings them together to enhance personal and team engagement. They are among the primary foundations of mindfulness and they can be clearly and effectively applied to the remit and values of your company.

  1. Having a clear sense of purpose in any given situation
  2. Being wholeheartedly engaged in that action or project
  3. Having a qualitative sense of the value of that action or project

I offer four types of mindfulness based training as well as introductory talks.

    1. Lunchtime classes in form of a course. People sign up for either six or twelve weeks, each class is  between 30 and 45 minutes long. These classes give people a good basis for personal mindfulness practice, it’s benefits and how it is applicable in every type of situation. We explore mindfulness techniques and the skill-sets which contribute to wellbeing.

  1. Ongoing drop-in lunchtime classes which are open to everyone . (In-situ or online) Ongoing class work very well for  big organisations. Each class is  30 to 45 minutes. There is no sign-up and people come when they like. Up to forty people in-situ, unlimited participants on-line.

  1. A course on mindfulness based employee engagement. This is for up to ten people who sign up for all sessions. The course is usually three sessions but can be up to five sessions. This kind of training aims to bring a culture of  listening and awarnessinto a team as whole. It is in workshop style with a high level of participant involvement.

  1. Away day training. This is a one-off training tailored to the particular staff or away day. These sessions can be serious training or fun ways to introduce mindfulness to people who are new to it.

  1. Introductory talks. I give introductions to the value of aware engagement in the workplace in conferences and company events

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