Videos on mindfulness

These videos are a series on mindfulness which include  principles and skills,  as well as techniques and meditations. They are being added to all the time in no particular order, so keep track of what you have watched.

Mindful walking

First up is a description of the meditation I suggest starting with for at least 10 minutes a day, preferably before the days busyness starts.

Getting into the breath

This video is part of an approach which takes in a sense of time and space in mindfulness

Tutorial on counting in the meditation on the breath. Putting the focus on how and why we put counting into the meditation.

If you want to do the mindfulness meditation in your own time here are some guidelines to help you set up your sitting posture.

A mindfulness exercise for everyday life.

This exercise uses laying the table as an opportunity to practice mindfulness


This is a little exercise for everyday life which helps overcome losing your things.


More on the skill of staying with the breath and the quality of engagement

3 exercises to help improve everyday mindfulness

Mindfulness of people and how you are in relationship to them


A spatial sense of awareness of others

This video is part of an approach which takes in a sense of space in mindfulness of others

This video uses the imaginative faculty in a positive way to give a richer awareness of what is happening within your self and the situations you find yourself in

Mindfulness as a way of becoming more self-determining

Learning through time

This video is part of an approach which takes in a sense of time in mindfulness




Exploring core views we have as part of our mindfulness


Using the skills and experience of mindfulness in making plans.

(The stages of this approach are in the Notes section of Mindfulness)


Three primary aspects of mindfulness in relation to tasks









This mindfulness topic has to do with the theme of coming into a broad range of experience of what is comfortable and uncomfortable.