About Ian Vajradaka Currie


The main mindfulness teacher of Creative Engagement is Ian Currie also known by his Buddhist name of Vajradaka. Here are a few words about him in his own words.

My own mindfulness experience

I started hearing about mindfulness from some older friends while I was in my teens. The seeds were sown and by the time I was 19 I was interested enough to go to Japan to learn from a master. I was there nearly a year and my love of practising mindfulness was already set.

I had some very good mindfulness teachers in London from the early 70’s and have continued to be intensively involved in learning, practising and teaching mindfulness in all it’s forms since then. My personal experience has shown me how the practice of mindfulness has helped me become more clearly engaged in whatever I do. I’ve been on many mindfulness retreats and studied it with some very good teachers all of which has deepened my love of what I now consider to be an essential framework for living my life.

I have been teaching aspects of mindfulness consistently since 1972 in the context of classes, workshops and retreats. My teaching have been in many different contexts all over the world including banking and large corporations based in the London.