Mindfulness in corporations

The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace are widely documented and universally accepted. Apple, Deutsche Bank, Google, McKinsey, Toyota and Unilever are but a small selection of blue chip firms that all attest to the many realised benefits following the adoption of mindfulness programmes.

The Business Case for Mindfulness

Studies by the National Institute of Health UK, the University of Massachusetts, and the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard University conclude that mindfulness at work:

  • Increases employee engagement and reduces employee absenteeism
  • improves efficiency, cognitive functions, such as concentration, memory, and learning ability
  • increases employee productivity, clarity of purpose
  • enhances employer / employee and client relationships
  • improves job satisfaction

Numerous studies concur that mindfulness practice and behaviours are a benefit for employees and employer alike.

What is mindfulness?

The principles of mindfulness are all about clarifying aims and direction which are to be applied on an ongoing process. This process is intimately and continuously connected with learning what works and what does not work in the given situation. Mindfulness actively integrates intention and action bringing them together. When this integration takes place in the individual or in the corporation there is a high level of employee engagement. Motivation is high, professional ability improves, efficiencies are realised and overall engagement increases.

This training is practical and easy to apply

Mindfulness training offered by Creative Engagement has been tried and tested in the City of London and gives practical guidelines on how to develop clear achievable aims for the individual and team as a whole. Whole teams in the financial and legal sectors have benefited from learning how mindfulness applies to them.

How mindfulness affects your engagement in the workplace

The main intention of a mindful-based approach is to become aware of the different facets of your engagement with your projects and co-workers and to adjust your engagement towards optimum effectiveness, efficiency and sense of purpose.

On the basis of awareness you can assess your motivation and effective engagement at any given time. This knowledge provides one with an understanding of how and what to develop. Mindfulness is an active field of both awareness and change which relates directly to the core values of the individual, project and corporation as a whole.


Mindfulness training in corporations: A brief synopsis