What people have said about Creative mentoring


Ian was really good at understanding what I needed and coining terms which made it easier for me to get an overview of where I stand and what I should do to move on. Ian also made me more aware of my qualities and pointed out possibilities for me to use them, so now I have more knowledge of which type of job I want to pursue and that’s what I initially wanted.

Arun, Multimedia Designer & Artist. Denmark


I was able through dialogue with Ian to explore and clarify the major themes in my work which honed my enquiry and gave me added momentum and focus. I was deeply encouraged to commit further with the view that others might ‘get it’ too – I was being witnessed.  Ian suggested practical ways of working, which was very helpful and led to openings that I could not have imagined.  Clare Barton-Harvey, Painter.


Ian combines understanding and insight with excellent communication skills, he also exudes an infectious positivity which I was both able to pass on to my students and which continues to encourage and inspire me in my own art practice. I feel that Ian really engages with me and provides a context for the resolution of any current difficulties as well as long-term suggestions for resolving creative issues. I highly recommend him to you and to others experiencing the challenges of creativity. P. Hatton, senior lecturer at the Art department  of Lancaster University



Name:  Vicki Oyadomari

Comments:  I’ve worked personally with Ian Currie for nearly 2 1/2 years.  We have regular calls on Skype which has worked quite well for us.  I have found him to be an invaluable coach and mentor.  He has incredible listening skills and is very intuitive, picking up on the subtlest cues or observations that would go unnoticed by most people.  We work together in a very interactive way where his greatest skill lies in helping me to uncover for myself the answers to questions I did not know I had.  Through dialogue and reflective exercises, he has been instrumental in helping me to be a more effective leader in the workplace.  By connecting more strongly with myself, my core values, and what is important for me, we have been able to sort through very challenging and complex issues.  I am very grateful to Ian and appreciate all the growth and learning that I have benefited from since working with him.


He took time to understand me and gave me teachings that I could apply to my specific situation. He always looks for an underlying deeper principle and explores how that underlying deeper principle might apply in our day to day life. In this way many of my discoveries with Ian have gone on to influence my work and life year after year. I can recommend him. John Jeffrey, business consultant and owner of Principial & The coach coach




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