Meditation mentoring & coaching in Teaching

One-to one meditation mentoring is a wonderful way of entering into a more vivid sense of what you need in your meditation. The sessions are a combination of personal instruction and advice which is particular to you. We ensure that all the important skills and and attitudes are in place upon which you can build a progressive development of meditation. Sessions often include personal guided meditation sessions and a good foundation in the underlying skills needed for an effective meditation practice.

I also coach meditation and Mindfulness teachers in teaching and formulating classes and workshops on meditation and mindfulness.  This is useful for everybody who wants to be clear and effective in their meditation teaching.

Personal tuition sessions are in the London Area or available worldwide by Skype. As a suggestion something to pay my living expenses could be between £55 and £65 for a session which is at least an hour.

For more information or to express an interest in coaching or mentoring   call 07890 452 401


Mentorship with Vajradaka

I’ve worked with Vajradaka for almost a year now. We usually meet every week, sometimes the sessions are face to face but more usually we have Skype sessions as I live in Brighton.

I look forward to Vajradaka’s clarity, compassion and insight. He has a wonderful ability to transform obscure and esoteric ideas and present them in a clear and accessible manner.

If Vajradaka were water he’d be a pure crystal clear stream that flows down from the mountain tops.

Vajradaka has a generous heart, a keen mind and a compassionate soul. I love the sessions I have with him. In the year I’ve worked with Vajradaka my practice has become enriched beyond measure.

Vajradaka is not only my mentor he’s my friend. My sessions with him are like clear blue sky mindful thinking on a cloudy day.

Mindfulness sessions with Vajradaka are transformational.

Richard 2015


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